Trained and Licensed Crane Operators


The Clark Companies are committed to the safety and health of our employees and customers. Safety is our first priority. In every instance at every location, safety concerns override all other considerations. Proof of this commitment is outlined in our company Safety Manual and demonstrated through all operations throughout the company. The owner, Dave Clark drives safety from the top down to every employee, and personally involves himself in day to day safety operations. Clark also utilizes a full time safety staff and the services of professional safety consultants when needed. Each year, the Clark Companies invest thousands of dollars into our Safety Program with new equipment and personnel training. By doing so, we not only strive to offer the highest quality of work, but also by doing it in the safest possible manner. Our success, and yours, not only depends on prompt and reliable service, but also on how safely each and every job is performed.   To request a copy of our company safety manual, please contact our Safety/Risk Manager Greg Guenther at:


Safety is our first priority. Proof of our commitment is a company policy that mandates a strict Drug-Free Workplace and DOT Substance Abuse training regimen for all employees. Our team is a 100% Certified Drug-Free Work Force following rigid guidelines for pre-employment and random drug/alcohol testing.

Risk management training begins for each employee when they are hired and continues for the duration of employment. All employees are required to attend a safety orientation and participate in regular safety training meetings. By doing so, our team has become fully trained in identifying and preventing common hazards on job sites that can cause personal injuries or property damage. Resources allocated to safety training are managed by our full-time Risk Management Director, along with a company-wide safety committee.


Our management personnel hold regular safety meetings that discuss past issues and identify any preventive measures foreseen in upcoming jobs. Daily pre-job meetings and "Tool-box talks" are also conducted by our lead operators or foremen to discuss any/all hazards that may be encountered on the job site, and a plan of action is discussed if needed. These constant communications are greatly encouraged and ensure that every job is done properly and safely.


By utilizing aggressive loss control measures, constantly reviewing and upgrading our existing safety program, and continually initiating new safety measures, the Clark Companies have been able to establish and maintain a steadily improving safety record. The Clark Companies are currently trending with ZERO lost time incidents on the job site, a ZERO Dart rate, and have been able to maintain an average EMR (Experience Modification Rate) of well below 1.00 over the last five years.

The Clark companies utilize both a full-time safety staff as well as other services that can enhance our goal for a safe workplace. We are proud of our safety statistics and our accomplishments to stay competitive with numbers well below the national average. You are welcome to review our safety program and to experience the safe atmosphere for yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact our Safety Department if you have any questions or concerns.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has established extensive requirements for safe working practices related to cranes in the construction industry. These OSHA mandates are welcomed by Clark Rigging. Most were already standard practice for the company's crane operators and were included in the guidance provided to rental customers. However, with OSHA's authority now mandating the new safety standards, Clark will have to enforce compliance with its customers. To minimize the burden on those customers, and in keeping with the company's long-standing focus on customer service, Clark has undertaken initiatives to assist companies in meeting these requirements..

Although they may seem inconvenient or an added expense to crane operators, the new regulations are intended to highlight safety and reduce the possibility of accidents. The goal of the initiatives, like that of OSHA's overall mission, is to prevent injury to workers and property. If you have concerns or questions about the new OSHA regulations, feel free to contact our Safety Director - Richard Rydza at (716) 433-4600. He'll be glad to answer any questions.